Saturday, March 20, 2010

Almost Easter!

Hey Ya’ll

I can always count on that phrase to make me sound “American”. Yes, yes I know it’s been awhile since I wrote. Things are chaotic around here. The first part of term is about to end. So I have a few essays and projects I’ve working on.

AHH! Time is going too fast. I can’t believe Easter break starts next weekend. It will be so wonderful to see my parents in person, rather than through the computer screen ;) I will admit it will be weird seeing them here because it’s like my new world. I don’t know it’s hard to explain. I’m getting pretty pumped to travel though. My friend Andrew from Minnesota and I planned our trip to Europe today. It took a while but we got it all booked. We are planning to fly down to Amsterdam, Netherlands for a few days they take a train to Paris where we will be for 5 days. AHH! I can’t believe I’m going to places I’ve only seen in the movies. It will be so cool. When I think about how much I’m spending with traveling I just remind myself that it is much cheaper since I’m already over here in Europe, and I need to take advantage of it. I’m glad to have a companion to travel with. The first week of break he is traveling with his parents like me.

So I need to make some corrections from my last blog. St Michael’s church is actually Anglican. It was pretty similar to the church services I’ve been to in America. I have really gotten a lot out of the teaching her. It is good. The evening church service I took my flat mates to actually ended up being a special service with a Gospel Choir singing. It was good but I don’t think they had ever been to something like that before.

Later that week on Wednesday I took advantage of free welsh lessons at one of the residence halls. It is a very complex language to say the least. I was talking to a professor that speaks some Japanese as well as Welsh and says that Japanese is much easier.

I had the opportunity to visit the University’s Dairy farm this week. It is unsurprisingly similar to the farms in America. Though I did feel like they lacked space for the number of cows they had in each pen but I think it is due to the fact that a long time ago the cows were genetically smaller. Overall they did seem smaller than the cows you see in America.

Last Sunday I went with the girl’s volleyball club to play our final games of the year. We kicked butt again! But on the way to Bristol, England there was a sheep randomly wandering the road. My first thought was “where is Bo peep?” Ha ha! I thought it was pretty funny seeing that. Only in Wales.

The weather here in Aber has been absolutely wonderful. Lots of sun! The temperature is finally catching up with the sun. Unfortunately for Aber it doesn’t do will with lots of sun and little rain for a length of a week. The grass has started looking dead. Apparently it’s a mixture of little rain and cold nights to kill it off. It rained finally today so that’s good.

Tomorrow afternoon, after I work efficiently on some essay material, there is a “Day of Dance” for people who want to learn/practice some godly dancing. I may not end up going because I have a lot to get done. But I think it would worth going to.
So the issue with my camera is finally solved. It was a matter of buying so good quality batteries. So I am able to include some up to date photos what what’s been going on. Enjoy! I can’t guarantee the next time I’ll write since break is beginning soon. I am planning on taking my computer with my on the tour so I may take time to write some updates regarding our travels.

Thanks so much for reading!!! I hope you have enjoyed reading. I should get some sleep so I can be efficient tomorrow.

Love you all!

Kelli Jo

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  1. Sounds like you are staying very busy. Yes, travel while you can; take lots of pictures for us back here and be careful! Praying for you!