Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Easter Break

Hey Everyone!!

Back from my three week break for Easter. I hope you all had beautiful weather for Easter in celebrating the blessed sacrifice of our Lord and Saviour. I didn’t really feel like Easter to me because we were travelling around so much : ( but it was still good.

It was such a blessing to see my parents here in the UK. Still strange though having them visit where I’ve been going to university the entire semester. We somehow managed to navigate ourselves from CRAZY London to Aberystwyth Wales, and back without dying. Ha ha! It wasn’t that bad but then again I wasn’t the one driving. I was, however, able to try driving on the wrong side of the car shifting with my left hand through a parking lot! Cheers DAD!! We had a good time. Edinburgh, Scotland was my favourite City in the UK. Stonehenge...AMAZING!! as well as Lake District, which was beautiful and cold with the snow.

Then there was Amsterdam, Netherlands. Let’s just say it was interesting to say the least. I enjoyed the Van Gogh museum and Volden Park was my favourite part of going there. They had this enormous park with so many people doing everything you can think of but it was mostly people riding bikes (there are bikes EVERYWHERE), playing football (soccer), or socializing with their dog. When I have access to my photos I will show you the massive amount of bicycles they possess in this city. It is ridiculous!

Paris, Paris, Paris...The best decision I made over break was going to that famous decorative city. You know you see and hear and try to imagine what it must be like, but it just blows your away when you finally get to see it with your own eyes. Gorgeous city. It greatly exceeded my expectations. You don’t see the city for its true beauty until you have seen it at night though. We went to all the touristy sights. Notre Dame (“Our Lady”) was my favourite both inside and outside. Eiffel tower was quite incredible as well. I have heard people say that they were a little disappointed when they saw the Eiffel tower, but I think that is ridiculous to say. It is a very impressive work of art.

After all of that travelling I was very happy to be back in Aber. I’m going to miss this place terribly when I leave. God blessed my travel companion and I with allowing us to fly back to the UK a day before the volcano exploded. I went with a boy from Minnesota that I met here at Aber who is also studying abroad for a semester and we travelled to Amsterdam and Paris together. I knew someone who was stuck in Egypt for a few extra days and some assignments were delayed another week as a result of the volcano.

Weather has been clear skies everyday since I have returned but I’m not able to enjoy it because I have three exams to prepare for. So I just hope that the two and a half weeks I have nothing to do the weather will still be lovely for me.
Sorry I know you probably hoping for more but I have a lot of work to complete. One last thing is that I’ve been told that around this time of year it’s quite possible to spot dolphins off the coast. My friend Laurine told me she saw one outside her flat window one day. I plan on witnessing this event because who knows if I will ever get to otherwise.

I will try and include pictures on here soon.

Thanks for reading!




  1. quite a journey! i hope you are doing good

  2. I love travelling. It looks like you have seen half of the continent. I hope you had great time, and you had a chance to see the other part of the continent.